Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Screen Cap Sketch

Even though I see a few things wrong, as far as faithful reproduction of the screen cap, I like this image. It could be stronger, but that is why we sketch sketch sketch, right? To find out the what, how, and why something works, or doesn't work.


At 7/16/07, 5:37 AM, Blogger Richard Gaines said...

It looks like you're onto a good start, although, maybe you should consider going in depth into life drawing. Really understand the anatomy, perspective, and three-dimensional design. If you're really serious about pursuing animation, take a sketchbook where ever you go and draw everything you see.

Oh, by the way, do NOT attend the Art Institutes. They are a waist of time, money, and talent! I learned the hard way, and I'm also "up there" in age as well. What a time to get fucked!

At 8/9/07, 12:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>Cartoon Lad, you might be on to something. Have you read his strip Life in Hell?<<

Hi Andreas, yeah Ive got a copy of it.Its funny,but not really wild or anything.

type in "old simpsons" on youtube, i think the early eps are good,Matt Groening didnt have a lot of control of the animation in these early episodes so there is squash and stretch,and Bart's eyes bug out of his head etc. stuff you never would see in the later series.


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